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  • Napa State Hospital KTVU News - Feb 7, 2016
    KTVU News Channel 2 Fox had done a number of interviews with for the first time ever with Clients over the pay phone. I did a lengthy at least 2 hour interview spilling my heart out to Leslie Donaldson. I told her of staff selling street drugs - sex for trade with staff members, and how much of the ongoing violence. What you see here on the selling of smokes - was something I had exposed for years and even to the DOJ Mary Bohan in DC.

  • Fox KTVU News Special Napa State Hospital - Feb 7, 2016
    KTVU News Special on Napa State Hospital interview Leslie Donaldson did a interview with Wayne Morin Jr on the systemic criminal activities that have been going on at Napa State Hospital for years with Wayne Morin Jr. Wayne Morin Jr had much to say but little if any was aired. The Media stays away from the corruption and daily systemic criminal activities like someone shouting fire in a theater.

  • Napa State Hospital KTVU News - February 7, 2016
    An older News Report Done by KTVU News on Napa State Hospitals - Sales of Cigarettes and Sexual Assaults; things I, Wayne Morin Jr/, talked about to the DOJ Mary Bohan and the Governor of the State of California and made reports to Hospital Police.

  • Wayne's Story

  • Razor of Madness 'Balances Won'
    Authored by Wayne Morin Jr. with Thomas Lee Howell

  • Shane C Arroyo visits Wayne Morin Jr home in Calistoga, a true blessing to me. In the past Shane was able to visit my grandmother in Calistoga, but this time he and I were able to get some very long awaited facts shared with the coming together on film, this is a real gem filled with the victories of our struggles and are new found freedoms, in the communities.     Published on September 10, 2016

  • Dr. Claude Edward Foulk, Executive Director of Napa State Hospital
    Sentenced to 248 Years in Prison for Sex Crimes.

  • California Director Michelle Mudgett 2011 Napa State Hospital Town Hall Meeting
    2011 Napa State Hospital town hall meeting. Wayne Morin Jr. of "Lets Talk Napa State Hospital" TV crew filmed this town hall meeting. This is Director Michelle Mudgett of the California Patient Rights. Listen to her words more than a year ago, the clients are just now getting out of there lock down.

  • 2005 Dr Robin Broadman on Napa State Hospital
    I had only been a guest on The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show twice, when I explained to Rob McConnell and The 'X' Zone Nation of the horrors and abuse and criminal activity at the clients suffer on a daily basis at Napa state hospital and the four other state mental hospitals in California. The X zone allowed me to be a voice for the clients and their families to expose the criminal activity starting back in 2005. Listen to Dr. Robin Broadman speech and expose the legal use of the street drug heroin at Napa State Hospital.

  • Description of how contraband entered into Napa at times.
    Wayne Morin Jr. and my CONREP case worker and my grandmother had a meeting with the Napa state hospital police which lasted 54 minutes. The hospital police recorded all questions they asked me and all my answers. I told them that I knew how the drugs and alcohol were entering Napa state hospital and many of the ways these methods were used in the four state mental hospitals in California. I had given the hospital police a link to the list of ways the drugs and contraband were entering into the facilities while I was still a client at Napa state hospital. I reminded the hospital police at this meeting that I had given them this list a long ago. Watch this video because these are the ways I described many of the contraband items entering into the four state mental hospitals.

  • 2005 Senate Hearing on Napa State Hospital Ann Williams
    2005 Senate Hearing on Napa State Hospital is Ann Williams talking about her son, Curtis Kimber, at Napa State Hospital on Q Unit. Ann Williams has been a guest on "Let's Talk Napa State Hospital" and has been an advocate for clients at all state mental hospitals in California.

  • 2005 Senate Hearing on Napa State Hospital
    2005 Senate Hearing on Napa State Hospital. Pamela Nance who's son was at Napa State Hospital then was sent to ASH. Listen to her advocate for her son and expose drugs, sex etc.

  • 2005 Senate Hearing on Napa State Hospital
    2005 Senate Hearing on Napa State Hospital. Felicia McCarthy advocates for clients just months before her son, Steven, was murdered at Patton State Hospital. I have had Felicia McCarthy on "Lets Talk Napa State Hospital" she is a real trooper for the clients.

  • 2011 Town Hall Meeting Special Investigators on street drugs and contraband.
    Watch this video in complete awe! The 2011 Napa state hospital town hall meeting. Watch how the Napa state hospital special investigators unit speaks about the amount of street drugs and the amount of contraband entering per year. Please remember I Wayne Morin was exposing the same message back in 2000 and have known about the illegal drug and contraband since 1973.

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