• Annie Armen's TRIBUTE and Testimonial to Wayne Morin, Jr.
    Annie Armen

    "Wayne... in the four+ years of broadcasting both as a producer and host, I can honestly say that I witnessed a 'SELFLESS" act by a fellow human being and that was YOU! Here I dedicate this one hour tribute to you BEING ALIVE after 18 years of torturous lockup in Napa State Hospital, and right at the end, you come back and dedicate THIS VERY SHOW to your dear friend David Hoover who tragically died in his sleep in January of 2006.

    Your selfless act, LIVE on the air is one I will NEVER forget and most grateful to you for having the courage to speak out as you have thus far. Furthermore, with all that you have been through since even before birth, what amazes me most is that you have every justifiable reason to reciprocate the atrocities committed against you on humanity as a whole, yet have chosen not to and by example, live your life upright TODAY as a compassionate, giving citizen.

    I, Annie Armen, was not placed on this earth to judge you or any one human being for their past mistakes, which is why my mission through Annie Armen Live Talk Radio, as God's Vessel, it to give a voice to the voiceless worldwide without judgment. WHAT MATTERS IS NOW -- THE CONSTRUCTIVE SEEDS YOU SOW INTO THE HEARTS OF MILLIONS TODAY, DRAWING FROM YOUR DESTRUCTIVE PAST.

    Wayne, it pains me to know of the pain you lived through up to this point. Perhaps this was your destiny to help so many throughout who continue to walk in the shoes of your past, placed under horrific conditions, one would not wish on their enemy.

    Make no mistake, MANY in your shoes have chosen the life of rapists, murderers, and the lot as a result of their tragic lives growing up. YOU, dear Wayne, have chosen to turn your life around, and use your life's pains to help millions across the globe. YOU HAVE MY RESPECT Wayne Walter Morin Jr.

    From one fellow human being to another, for anyone not to lend their ears to you, and to fellow brothers and sisters like you, is a true shame! Congratulations on LIFE, for you are a walking human AnnieBiotic -- as you OUT with the pollution, and IN with the 'SOUL'ution BY EXAMPLE."

    Proudly and Wholeheartedly,
    Annie Armen

    Honoring your request Wayne -- for those of you reading through this page, meet Wayne's treasured friend David Hoover (picture below)

    Shane, David and Wayne have come a long way. Become best friends, all three have been inmates at Napa State Hospital for years and gone through the horrors together. David Hoover tragically died in his sleep in January 2006.

    David Hoover
    David Hoover

  • Wayne Morin Jr is a real life Crusader and Guardian Angel for those clients and patients who are behind the walls of Napa State Hospital still suffering at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and care for them.”Rob McConnell, The ‘X’ Zone

  • Thanks for putting me on your TV show. Clover

  • Hey man. I'm the gardener at your apartments. I looked up your site but I also heard your life story. Sorry it was so rough. I heard the corruption of the Napa State Hospital. I believe what you said.

  • Hello, I am trying to get information about my Grandmoms incarceration at NSH in the late 70's.

  • Hello,  I am writing because I saw a post on the internet regarding an school buddy of mine. It was a pleasure talking to you. I do not consider my self a hero. I thank you very much for the compliment. The compliment touches me very much. I am very happy that I was able to help you on you path. Keep your courage up and don't quit. Get up everyday and fight for what you want. If you want my help or encouragement.

  • Hi Bro! You've really turned your life around, haven't you? I actually got tears in my eyes when I read these few lines from you. I was thinking about how your life was just a few years ago and how hard you've been working to get the truth out and help people in need! Now you are getting your reward!!!

  • Hi Wayne!  I was hoping to speak to you about Napa StateHospital and executive director Ed Foulk. Is that possible?

  • Subject: Another survivor from SONOMA COUNTY
    Gentlemen, I don't even know where to start. I guess i just need to thank you for taking the time to put the information online and bless you for the work you have done.

  • NSH is going through such an identity crisis now-- should it be a prison or a hospital.  It is trapped between two worlds, I'm afraid.  The Recovery Model is being imposed at a time when we still have not managed to provide basic safety and security for staff and clients alike. Right on Wayne, excellent.

  • Hi Wayne: Thank you, or listening to me today! You sound like your doing a great service!  What a way to turn a negative into a pro active -positive!

  • Thank you,in advance for any future help with my brother.

  • Dear Wayne, I found your email on your web site and am listening to your interview on the BYTE show as I write this. I am looking for someone who was in Napa State Hospital.

    After viewing our web site and being invited as a guest on the show, she thought you may be someone that may have some very enlightening information for the listeners. You betcha...  you're doing good work my friend, God bless.

  • What a great job you're doing Wayne. I'll be watching KTVU news on Sunday night. Thanks again for the Harry Martin DVDs and the town hall meeting. They were outstanding.

  • His attorney wasn't even in court and he didn't even have to see the judge.  I've tried calling psyche dept. at the county jail about an approximate transfer date but they are not sure.  Just assumed it would be soon.  Whatever. 

  • I'll try calling the absentee public defender but my son has been in one of those funks since being incarcerated, not wanting to see any family members and not returning mail.

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